6 Things To Know Before Replacing Your Roof

Repairing or Replacing

Sometimes it is more cost effective to repair your roof than to replace it. There are several questions to ask when considering roof repairs versus complete roof replacement: Are there several areas of missing or damaged shingles? Are there any visible leaks? Is my roof over 20 years old? Are there any visible holes in the decking material that I can see from my attic? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then the next step would be to get an unbiased opinion from a reputable roofing contractor who can recommend whether your roof should be partially or fully replaced.

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Layering or Stripping

It is not uncommon for a house to have two layers of shingles. The benefits of installing another layer of shingles on top of your existing layer is mainly to cut the cost of labor for stripping off the first layer. The downside of layering means your contractor will not be able to properly inspect the roof deck or install an underlayment for better protection. Stripping off the first layer means your shingles or metal will be able to hold to the roof deck better under the elements.

The Right Materials Can Add Value To Your Home

Roof materials have changed a lot over the past 20 years giving homeowners the option of improving the cosmetic value of their home without a lot of expense. Shingles now come with 50 year or lifetime warranty and for a few hundred dollars more you can have designer shingles that will add to the style of the roof. Metal roofing is also a favorite for home owners who want a great looking roof with long lasting protection. Choosing high quality materials and a fashionable design will add resell value to your home.

It Won’t Take Long

A normal roof replacement only takes 1- 2 days which depends on the size and slope of your roof. Since the contractor will not need access to the inside of your home you will be able stay in your home during the whole process as long as you are not bothered by the noise!

Check Your Warranty

Before contacting a contractor about repairing or replacing your roof you should know the warranty options for your existing roof. Some shingles come with a lifetime warranty which could cover the cost of repairing your roof a second time. Make a note to to ask your contractor about your options.

Proper Installation

There are as many different roofing contractors as there are colors of singles (and there are a lot!) The best price from a contractor may not be the best option. Because a roof is supposed to last for 20+ years some contractors do not care about repeat business and do not care about proper installation and customer satisfaction. It more important to shop around for a roofing contractor you can trust than someone who can give you the lowest price.

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