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FrEQUENTLY Asked Questions

How do I know when my roof needs to be replaced?

There are a few signs to go by when deciding to replace your roof. When shingles start to curl at the edges, show bald spots where granules are missing, or start to crack, then it is a good time to look into getting a new roof. If a roof simply starts to look aged it would be a good idea to get it inspected to be sure there are no leaks. A roof that is 20 years old or older usually needs to be replaced because the quality of shingles used then are not as efficient as the ones today which are backed by longer warranties.

How large is your service area?

We service the entire state of Ohio. Our usual driving distance is about 2 hours from Fredricksburg, Ohio. Some of the cities we serve include: Marietta, Mansfield, Zanesville, Medina, Cuyahoga Falls, North Royalton, Wooster, Millersburg, Canton, New Philadelphia, and surrounding areas.

What is the procedure to schedule an appointment for a roof inspection and replacement estimate?

Simply contact us by phone or message us through our website and we will gladly schedule an appointment with you. We try to be flexible for our appointments because we know our customers are often busy during the day. Most times we are available for evening appointments or whatever time best accommodates your schedule. Please call Reuben Hershberger 330-749-4489 to schedule an appointment today!

How is the cleanup and disposal of the old shingles handled?

A dump trailer or role away dumpster is brought to the job site the day we start the project. All of the shingles and other parts of your old roof will go into the dumpster. We clean all of the debris from your yard and shrubs and use magnets to sweep the ground for any loose nails or other metal objects that may have been left behind.

How long will it take to complete my roofing project?

A normal project will take about 1-2 days. This time will depend on the size and slope of your roof.

What are the ugly black streaks on my roof?

Those black streaks on your roof usually come from airborne algae which settles on your roof over time. It usually occurs on the North facing side of your home or a side which does not get very much sun. These marks can also appear if you have a aluminum ridge vent on your roof. Although they do not look very nice, these black streaks do not usually affect the performance of your roof.

Do you install metal roofs as well as asphalt shingles?

We specialize in both shingle and metal roofing. We use some of the best suppliers for our roofing materials so you can rest assured that you will receive a quality job.

Are you insured?

We are insured to cover any accidents that may occur on your job site. We will gladly provide the documentation for this if you request it.

Do I need to be home while my roof is being replaced?

Normally we do not need to access the inside of the home when we replace the roof. We do like to have access to at least one electrical outlet. Before starting your project we will supply you with a homeowner’s to-do list so you are aware of what to expect.

Is there a warranty on your work?

We guarantee all of work to be free of any installation errors for up to 5 years. If any problems occur within this time that is due to an installation error we will come back to resolve the problem free of charge. Normally, if any installation errors have been made they will show within 12 months after installation.

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